Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back Pain in Pregnancy - Extra Weight Leads To Back Pain

Back pain in pregnancy results from the extra load that is put on the pelvic girdle. During pregnancy, the fetus inside your womb keeps growing until it becomes a complete baby. As the baby grows in size, it keeps on adding additional weight to your abdomen.

Since the weight is concentrated in the middle and not spread evenly throughout the body, it puts additional pressure and strain on your back muscles that result in pregnancy back pain. Hormonal changes, additional fat due to eating habits, weak body and lack of exercise are some other contributing factors for back pain.

How to Minimize Back Pain

It is entirely in your hands to aggravate or reduce back pain in pregnancy. You can reduce your back pain in many ways. You can do yoga for back pain. Yoga teaches you how to exercise your body through simple movement of limbs and simple activity without jumping or vigorous movements. Yoga is very helpful in exercising the body without any physical or mental stress. This is exactly what a pregnant woman requires - to reduce the back pain and develop a strong and healthy body. The benefit of yoga is that you can practice simple yoga all through your pregnancy without having any harmful effect on the development of the baby. You must always practice yoga with an experienced teacher until you become an expert yourself.

Although it is not possible to get rid of back pain in pregnancy altogether, still, you can keep it under control by various means. You can manage your back pain during pregnancy by keeping a good and balanced posture while sitting, walking, lying down or sleeping. You can further control your back pain by keeping a cushion or a pillow pressed against your lower back while sitting and doing some warm up exercises for a few minutes every day. Always consult your physician before starting any form of exercise.

Proper sleep and rest are very helpful in easing back pain in pregnancy. Do not maintain a single posture for a very long period. Avoid wearing high-heels as much as possible. Shoes with high heels aggravate your back pain as they force you to walk in an upright position. Always maintain contact with your personal physician and take his advice before starting any form of exercise. Back pain in pregnancy is a natural process and can only be controlled and not eliminated. However, if you take proper steps to keep yourself fit during pregnancy, your back pain will ease soon after delivery.